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on Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 03:49:18PM +0100, Tom Schouteden (tom.schouteden at wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm aware that the following topic may not entirely classify as an
> Open Source license but I would like to get some advise.
> We are a small Open Source company that provide development,
> consulting, etc.  We are currently talking with a customer about
> developing an application for them.  His company has limited funds and
> they believe that the development fee is too high.  We suggested to
> shift our revenue from the development to user licensing.  That way
> his investment is minimal but he has to pay us for every copy he
> sells.  We do however want him to grant the right to modify the source
> for personal use if he wishes too.  Of course he can not redistribute
> the application in any form, since we have to generate our revenue
> from user licensing.
> Is there any applicable Open Source license - not necessarily OSI
> certified - that we can use to achieve this?  

Not that I see.

As you've outlined the sitation, you're not going to satisfy terms 1 or
3, and possibly 6 and 7, of the OSD.  Study these terms and understand
their implications for your work.

> Or are we forced to close down the source and use a M$-alike license?

There is a wide range of licensing options available, "Microsoft" and
"OSD" are not the only two points on the spectrum, nor are they properly


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