Open Source Licensing: OSD 2002

Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. rod at
Sun Nov 25 21:28:20 UTC 2001

Next semester (commencing Jan. 2002) with the help of Larry Rosen and a
couple of law student research assistants, I will begin a research
project to draft recommendations for improvements to the Open Source
Definition. There has been considerable discussion on this list about
the OSD already, and I hope more discussion is generated once we post
preliminary recommendations.  License-discuss will be an important part
of this process.  For more details about the project, please direct your
browser to: where a draft of the
project proposal is posted on my website.  Helpful comments,
suggestions, offers of assistance are welcome. 

I am hopeful that a careful reading of the research proposal will dispel
any apprehension that the goal of the project is to convince OSI to
adopt an overly legalistic OSD.  I agree with the concerns of many
concerning the desire to limit the use of legal language that only
lawyers understand. Hence, once we post the preliminary recommendations,
we will need the input from as many people on the license-discuss list
as possible. I look forward to your feedback.


Rod Dixon
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
Rutgers University Law School - Camden
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