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Tom Schouteden tom.schouteden at
Sun Nov 25 14:49:18 UTC 2001

Hi there,

I'm aware that the following topic may not entirely classify as an Open Source license but I would like to get some advise.

We are a small Open Source company that provide development, consulting, etc.  We are currently talking with a customer about developing an application for them.  His company has limited funds and they believe that the development fee is too high.  We suggested to shift our revenue from the development to user licensing.  That way his investment is minimal but he has to pay us for every copy he sells.  We do however want him to grant the right to modify the source for personal use if he wishes too.  Of course he can not redistribute the application in any form, since we have to generate our revenue from user licensing.

Is there any applicable Open Source license - not necessarily OSI certified - that we can use to achieve this?  Or are we forced to close down the source and use a M$-alike license?

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Tom Schouteden
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