QPL issue

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at mibsoftware.com
Mon Nov 19 14:14:19 UTC 2001

> I have been working on a software project which I intend to license under the
> QPL. I have decided to choose this type of license because I thought I could
> share my source with anybody interested in seeing it and also charge
> non-commercial users such as ISP's, etc... with a fee to recover some of my
> costs. Anybody else could use my program at no charge.

This is the QPL.  What about QPL clause 6b?

You can charge anyone whatever you want to give them a copy.  You are
welcome to change ISPs something additional.  But once they have a
copy, they have the freedom to distribute as many copies as they 
want, and you get paid nothing for that.

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