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Joachim Bauernberger bj at gmx.net
Mon Nov 19 11:07:56 UTC 2001

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I am new to this list and have just looked in the archive to find some 
pointers to my problem. 
.....However couldn't find much, therefore I am not sure if this is the 
correct list to discuss this. Please let me if it isn't so I can go away 
quietly ;)

Basically I am not a lawyer nor familiar with the american law nor native 
english speaker. Therefor this licensing issue is causing me quiet a bit of 

I have been working on a software project which I intend to license under the 
QPL. I have decided to choose this type of license because I thought I could 
share my source with anybody interested in seeing it and also charge 
non-commercial users such as ISP's, etc... with a fee to recover some of my 
Anybody else could use my program at no charge. The whole point would be to 
still earn money, as well as give the user the benefit of fixing bugs in his 
own code (or check for backdoors) if he wishes to do so.

Now I have seen a lot of projects on sourceforge which are also licensed 
under the QPL. However when I wanted to register my project there I was told 
that what I intend to do would violate the Open Source concept.
Also I was told that my project would not even qualify as a QPL license since 
I want to charge commercial users.

I am confused. 
Isn't the QPL allowing me to do that? 
QT which is also licensed under the QPL is also doing this. So what's the 
deal here?  

If I am wrong and I cannot charge commerical users, would there be an 
alternative license which allows me to share my source, charge the ISP's and 
still mark myself as "OSI-approved"? 
Thank you for your patience,
Joachim Bauernberger

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