GPL under MacOS and NewtonOS

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Tue Nov 13 02:21:55 UTC 2001

On 11/12/01 2:38 PM, "Paul Guyot" <pguyot at> wrote:

> Fine. Actually, the problem rose with a very practical problem. Can
> one release VNC client or MAD library which are both GPL'd under
> NewtonOS. I'm trying to figure out what the issue here exactly taking
> examples with MacOS PowerPlant and so on.

Ok! A practical question. To answer it, look at your  relationship with the
copyright holder of the VNC client and the MAD library. Don't bring third
parties into it and don't think that you have to release any source that you
don't own. The GPL imposes conditions on you with regard to code that you
write which is derived from the GPLed code. It doesn't impose any
obligations on you to release code that you don't own. How could it?

You seem to be arguing that the actual language of the GPL can be read to
seem to require that you do release third party code. I keep agreeing and
saying don't worry about it. Thousands of lines of GPLed code that rely on
PowerPlant, MFC, etc have been released. No copyright owner has been harmed
by this. No one has any cause of action to sue anyone else for copyright

If the authors of the GLP had any interest in preventing you from porting
code to the Newton, they could say that plainly.
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