GPL under MacOS and NewtonOS

Paul Guyot pguyot at
Mon Nov 12 21:38:41 UTC 2001

>If, like Metrowerks, you include the source for F with every copy of your
>compiler, then yes it is.

You cannot release PowerPlant source, so either we infringe section 1 
of the OSD or section 2, at your choice.

>  > What's the difference in the GPL between this solution and developing
>  > a software linked with PowerPlant and using MetroWerks compilers?
>None that I can see.
>>  Can I also do the same with Metrowerks PowerPlant and Apple's MrCpp or gcc?
>Technically or legally? I think the answer is yes to both for MrCpp and I
>don't know for gcc.

But PowerPlant isn't shipped with MrCpp or gcc. This is what I meant.

>It's the point of the thread that concerns me. It's still unclear whether
>you are actually contemplating releasing some GPLed software or just
>wanking. I'm not interested in this discussion in the abstract.

Fine. Actually, the problem rose with a very practical problem. Can 
one release VNC client or MAD library which are both GPL'd under 
NewtonOS. I'm trying to figure out what the issue here exactly taking 
examples with MacOS PowerPlant and so on.

But since you're considering that I'm wanking after having noticed 
that I was silly, feel free to answer this post but don't expect any 
reply from me.

Oh, BTW. My dictionary (Chambers) says: Component: one of the parts 
or elements of which anything is made up, or into which it may be 
broken down.

Look at, 
they provide similar definitions.

So either my English is much poorer than what I thought (I don't rule 
out this hypothesis) or the FSF has a very specific interpretation of 
what a component is as in "one of the major component of the 
operating system" or Metrowerks compiler or Apple's NTK are 
definitely not components of MacOS/NewtonOS.

But I think it's like "this" in the BSD license, the problem is my 
English. Sorry for bothering with this silly wanking.

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