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Thu Nov 8 18:28:14 UTC 2001

>>>Now i have a question - does it mean anonymous works cannot be put in
>>>the public domain ?
>> The reason i asked this is that one could take the source code under GPL
>> remove the license and put the work anonymously in the public domain
JC> The GPL forbids this.  And even if it is possible to dedicate a
JC> work to the public domain, you must be the copyright owner to do so.
Suddenly i feel i need to post this to the list
Will you try to prove that your source code was originally issued
under GPL ? One could put it in public domain part by part,
procedure by procedure, recompile it again in some more or less
similar fashion and finally put the whole work in public domain
I do not understand how unlimited resources (and written software is
a such) can be privatized. What for ? Why on earth do you need to control unlimited
resource. To make yourself a master. Sorry this is not for me
So i want to make unlimited resources free to use but under current
laws (when patents exists and who knows what other laws will be created)
it seems to be very difficult to acomplish

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