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Ben Hilburn bhilburn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 03:00:16 UTC 2019

(continuing the discussion of tooling in a new thread)

If L-R and L-D actually would like to have new, thoughtful input from
> others on topics that haven't been beaten to death, either a better
> front-end to the mailing list should be used or as Mr. Hillburn mentioned a
> new medium altogether (such as discourse) be used.

Thanks, Andrew. Just to clarify, it wasn't actually me that proposed a
change of medium, and the suggestions so far have been contributed by

There are some aspects of e-mail that I really appreciate - one of the
biggest being that it doesn't mandate a particular tool flow for users.
Unlike the old phpbb forums of the early 2000s (still in use today in many
places), for example, where your only choice for participation is through
its own web interface, e-mail gives users the freedom to use whatever tools
and clients they like.

That said, I agree with those who have pointed out that relying on e-mail
(and archives) alone can create difficulties for discussions of the sort
carried on L-R, and doing so is likely complicating clarity & transparency.

There are web-based platforms that allow you to still consume messages and
participate via e-mail (e.g., GitHub and Gitlab pull / merge requests and
issues), which is something I think is quite useful. I believe Discourse
does this, although I'm not sure. Regardless, it might be something worth
considering in a discussion around tools or medium.


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