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On 3/8/19 5:45 PM, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi license-discuss,
> Just in case you had not seen it, there is an interesting license
> discussion occurring on the Debian bug tracker regarding the GNU
> parallel utility and "citationware":
>   https://bugs.debian.org/905674

Interesting side-issue.

The fee is not required if you don't use the software for writing
scientific articles.
The fee is not required if you use the software for writing scientific
articles, and cite the usage in the article.

Current _Best Practices_ in writing research articles, is to cite all of
the software used in the research. As such, even if one pays the fee,
one would ethically need to cite the software.

In a Freshman English discussion I listened in on, the list of software
to be cited included not just the Office Suite, but the specific
extensions that were installed in the Office Suite! (By way of example,
LibreOffice, Language Tool, English Spelling - Marco A. G. Pinto,
Australian Medical Dictionary, American English Medical Dictionary,
Personal Name Dictionary en_US, #RightMyName, Zotero) The explanation is
that this way, when you use the spreadsheet component, or the draw
component, or the database component of the presentation component of
the software, you are covered. Between time of submission, and
publication, the journal editor will remove citations that they feel are
not necessary. (Spoken like a true Freshman English instructor.)


For some reason, emails I send to the Licensing lists are blocked.
(IOW, I'm too lazy to figure out what I am doing wrong.) If you want to
forward this to either the License-discuss list, or post it on that
Debian Bugzilla, do so. (AFAIK, I don't have a Debian Account.)


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