Question About CPL and EPL

David Dodini david at
Mon Sep 6 17:00:27 UTC 2010


Our company has a dependency on wsdl4j which is covered by the Common Public
License. We have a customer who is concerned about using our software
because of its requirement to distribute our source per its requirements
even though we only rely on it as an external library w/o modification to
the original source.

In our research we found on your site this page,, which states that the CPL is
deprecated and superseded by the Eclipse Public License. The EPL is not a
concern of ours and our customer as we do not have to distribute our source
for using it as an external library.

Does the deprecation of the CPL and it being superseded by the EPL indemnify
us from adherence to terms of the CPL in favor of those of the EPL even in
the the case of a library like wsdl4j which is distributed under the CPL?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

David Dodini
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