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John Cowan wrote:

> Rodent of Unusual Size scripsit:
>> The really sad aspect is that the people who a) have an axe to grind
>> and/or b) don't know any better, won't discriminate between what
>> Russ writes on his personal blog and what he says wearing his official
>> hat(s).
> Why should they?  If I wrote something, or did something, that reveals me
> to be of low moral character, wouldn't you conclude that I was unfit for an
> office of trust?

No, I would not.  It would depend on how you discharged the duties of
the office.  What you say or do in your private life is your business.
Only if you let it spill over into the responsibilities owed to others
do I consider it an issue.

As a rule, I don't feel it is my place to pass moral judgements on others.
I also am a strong believer in innocence until proven guilt, free speech,
and Voltaire's contention.  I most certainly do not believe in pre-emptive
condemnation based on opinion.
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