[OT] Russ Nelson's public relations

Mike Wattier geek at devcompany.com
Wed Feb 9 20:24:19 UTC 2005

> As a rule, I don't feel it is my place to pass moral judgements on others.
> I also am a strong believer in innocence until proven guilt, free speech,
> and Voltaire's contention.  I most certainly do not believe in pre-emptive
> condemnation based on opinion.

Yet, you would not let michael jackson babysit your child nor would you let 
scott peterson take your wife fishing now would you? 

There is a huge difference between "innocense until proven guilt" and "hold 
on, wtf did you say?" Anyone who thinks free speach should be without 
consequence is off his rocker. Take this list for example.. if something is 
not viewed as proper, several members on the list will let you know about 
it .. sans any type of compassion to the writer.. should we have seperate 
rules for "leadership" ? 

Personally.. the article was a feeble attempt to attack several groups. 
Mindless dribble from yet another ivory tower dweller.

Mr. Nelson's attempt to justify the perception that black people are lazy is 
evidence of his own ignorance to what the modern problems of racisim are. 

my 0.02

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