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My initial reaction was the same as John's reaction, but the OSD does not
seem to provide clear answers on this. I was inclined to say that the OSD
would require no answers to both questions, but as the poster mentioned, the
text of the OSD is not that specific.

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> > 1.  Is there a license which specifically disallows any forks or
> > which would limit the use of a program/package to a particular
> > or OS?  If not forks, then extensions only; if not environments, then
> Frankly, such a thing sounds perverse.  It means that the program cannot
> adapted for a specific OS/environment, since such an adaptation would
> necessarily be limited to that OS/environment.  For example, if your
> were written for Linux, it could not be ported to Win32.
> I can't see how such a thing could possibly be consistent with the OSD.
> What evil are you trying to prevent?  If you just want to make sure
> that the latest'n'greatest version can be adapted to all environments,
> just use a strong copyleft like the GPL, and it will never be possible
> to write code in the Win32 fork that can't be ported back to the Linux
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