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Tue Oct 29 22:55:53 UTC 2002

osi_curious at scripsit:

> 1.  Is there a license which specifically disallows any forks or extensions
> which would limit the use of a program/package to a particular environment
> or OS?  If not forks, then extensions only; if not environments, then OS.

Frankly, such a thing sounds perverse.  It means that the program cannot be
adapted for a specific OS/environment, since such an adaptation would
necessarily be limited to that OS/environment.  For example, if your program
were written for Linux, it could not be ported to Win32.

I can't see how such a thing could possibly be consistent with the OSD.

What evil are you trying to prevent?  If you just want to make sure
that the latest'n'greatest version can be adapted to all environments,
just use a strong copyleft like the GPL, and it will never be possible
to write code in the Win32 fork that can't be ported back to the Linux fork.

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