BXAPL - request for comments

Abe Kornelis abe at bixoft.nl
Thu Oct 24 19:33:18 UTC 2002

Hello all,

a few months ago, Steve Lhomme and I have requested
approval for the BXAPL license. That request was a
bit too rash.

We received various comments and have taken our time
to create a new and improved version of the BXAPL.
For an overview of the differences with the preceding
version, please see below.

We invite all readers on this list to take a look at the
new version of our license and gladly welcome any
comments, questions and other remarks you may
want to e-mail us. The license text can be found at:

One of the primary objectives for creating this license
is to make it possible to distribute both programming
tools and other software in a single package under a
single license.

Unfortunately, this requirement has led to a rather lengthy
and complicated license. We apologize for this circumstance
but at the same time feel we have done our best to make
the license text understandable by supplying an explanation
and an abridged version by way of quick reference.

Thank you all in advance for your time and effort.

Kind Regards, Abe Kornelis.
Differences between versions 0.H and 0.J

- Added explanation on Programming Tools and Derivatives
- Made requirement a in the list of requirements more explicit.
- Contributor redefined so as to include only the Copyright Holder
  and all other parties supplying Modifications etc.
  Checked all occurrences of Contributor and Distributor and
  changed accordingly wherever necessary.
  This change corrects an omission in section 16, where a claim
  against Copyright Holder was not mentioned as a reason for
  suspending or withdrawing the licensed rights.
- Definition of Source Code redefined to exclude assembler,
  compiler, linker, etc.
- User redefined as anyone who 'possesses' a copy of the Software.
  The mere act of receiving the Software therefore no longer
  forces the receiver into a status as User. Also it enables
  any User to quit being a User, simply by deleting all copies
  of the Software.
  I've been thinking to use 'has', 'keeps' or 'owns', but
  as far as I can see, 'possesses' serves best.
- the word paragraph has been changed to section wherever it
  referred to a numbered section of the license. This was done
  to make it easier to differentiate between sections and
  paragraphs within sections.
- Defined Licensor in paragraph 2.
- Defined Co-licensor in paragraph 2. Note the difference between
  a Licensor and a Co-licensor. Suggestions for improving on the
  terminology are very welcome.
  Added Co-licensors to sections 17 and 18.
- Added definition of Licensor to paragraph 2.
- Added definition of 'Contribution'.
- Added allowance for waiver of entitlement to Source Code of
  Modifications and/or Derivatives (see section 12.5) because not all
  Licensors are likely to require such entitlement.
- Made it clear that the License is not a contract.
- The section numbers in the preamble now link to the
  appropriate secton in the license.
- Corrected various small typos.

Changes to the parts of the license document preceding and
following the license text are not listed individually,
they follow from the above.

Changes to the license text:
- section 0 - added mixed case sentence

- section 1 - copyright extended into 2002

- section 2, Co-licensor - added
- section 2, Contribution - added
- section 2, Contributor - changed as explained above
                           added provision for transfer of ownership
- section 2, Copyright Holder - appropriatte -> appropriate
- section 2, Copyright Notice - a copyright notice -> copyrights notice
- section 2, Distributor - the public in general -> any third party or
                           Modifications etc. -> Contribution(s)
- section 2, Licensor - added
- section 2, Modifications - added 'changes to Derivatives and/or other
- section 2, Programming Tool - 'Any Software' -> 'Any licensed Software'
- section 2, Software - Modifications etc. -> Contribution(s)
- section 2, Source Code - changed as explained above
- section 2, User - changed as explained above

- section 3 - software which uses -> software that uses

- section 4 - added (twice) 'Appending translated versions, however, is
              added 'Appending translated versions is allowed.'

- section 5 - Authorizaton -> Authorization
              Second paragraph abridged.

- section 6 - Copyright Holder's claim duplicated for all other Contributors
              Contributor -> Contributor and/or Distributor
              Modifications etc. -> Contribution(s)
              and some minor rephrasing

- section 7 - added 'Since this License is not a contract'
  second paragraph - which provides -> that provides

- section 8.2, item b - code -> software portions
                        and some minor rephrasing
- section 8.3 - items a and b replaced by a single text, which has been
                heavily rephrased
- section 8.4 - contribution -> Contribution(s)
- section 8.5 - its contributions -> its Software and/or its Contribution(s)

- section 9.1 - info -> information
                the term -> either the term
                added: '- or its equivalent in the appropriate
language(s) -'

- section 10, item c - modify -> include Modifications either to
                       added ', nor to any other component of the Software'
- section 10, last paragraph - Programming Tools -> Software (4 times)

- section 12, first paragraph - rephrased in its entirety
- section 12.1 - 'he' -> 'the' before Dependent Software
- section 12.2 - in the middle of the last sentence added phrase
                'Users who are both Distributor and Contributor and only
                Modifications etc. -> Contribution(s)
- section 12.5 - First sentence rephrased and modified
                 then it must be supplied. ->  then it must be supplied -
                         unless the Copyright Holder waives this right in
                         Copyright Notice, in which case the Distributor may
                         or may not supply the Source Code.
- section 12.6 - and Court -> Court and waiver status for section 12.5 of
                         License may be changed,
                 The copyright holder of the distributed Dependent Software
                         may either append Contributors to the list of
                         Contributors, or replace the list of Contributors
                 -> In the Copyright Notice for the Dependent Software the
                         copyright holder of the distributed Dependent
                         Software may either append Contributors to the list
                         of Contributors, or replace it

- section 13 - Contributor -> Contributor and/or Distributor and/or

- section 17 - Contributor -> Contributor and/or Distributor and/or
               its exercise of rights -> exercising any right(s)

- section 18 - Contributor -> Contributor and/or Distributor and/or
               Copyright Holder -> Copyright Holder and/or any other
                                   Contributors and/or Distributors and/or

- Copyright Notice - Added statement on waiver of rights claimed in section
                     12.5 of the License.

=== end of list of modifications ===

Thanks for your patience, Abe.

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