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Thu Oct 24 16:53:27 UTC 2002


You are way off topic here.  This list is not for discussing things
like "can I do 'x' if not, 'y' under license 'A' ".  Such questions
are, ideally decided on advice from lawyers.

Confining myself to GPL, you cannot do what you proposed to do - under
any license - not even the GPL.

GPL'ed works *are* copyrighted by the authors; and the modifications
to a GPL'ed work are copyright of modifiers.  Not giving due credits
to the person who created the work is immoral - simpliciter; and if
you are in India (apparently), the author can invoke section 57 (1)(a)
of the Indian Copyright Act against you.

But, GPL does not *grant* you rights in trade marks, and people at Red
Hat do not like it (coz the GPL does not permit it) when you modify a
programe created or modified by them and released under the GPL and
then go on to claim that it was written by RH. The GPL does not permit
you to attribute *modifications* made by you to the original author.

That does not mean that you may appropriate the entire work for
yourselves.  That is inviting trouble.

The difference is between saying :-
"this was created by X" (about a program written by Y and modified by X)
"This program uses code written by Y and was modified by X"

Mahesh T Pai.

Sujita Purushothaman wrote:

 > Hello, Are discussions on the GPL allowed? :-) I'd like to ask,
 > when A writes a program and distributes it under the

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