Moral Rights (was Simplified Artistic License (A Proposed Compromise))

Lewis Collard lewis at
Sun Oct 6 21:39:29 UTC 2002

Russell Nelson sez:

> In any case, I'm very suspicious of this term:
>     - Use of any form whatsoever must retain the three automatically
>     generated META tags for all HTML output; these tags indicate that the
>     page was generated by eNetwizard and directs users to more information
>     about the product.
> We have turned down other licenses which have required as much.
> Prohibiting changes to software is not something we're in the business 
> of encouraging; much the opposite.

I dislike the term "use" personally. I don't think it's appropriate to
place restrictions on mere use of the software; imho this is better left
as a request in the license rather than a solid condition (I doubt
anyone would ignore it).

Maybe restricting distribution of modified versions in this way would be
better, but then, if the software merely uses some code from the program
(and the program performs a totally different function, so it's not
really a modified version of the original) it wouldn't be appropriate.
Distinguishing between these things in the license would be a good

Then again I didn't see the META tags clause in the last version of the
license posted here. Hrm.
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