Procedure for using an approved license

Dave Nelson dnelson at
Sun Oct 6 21:10:05 UTC 2002

I wish to use the Mozilla 1.1 license, but don't know the exact
procedures here.

I copied the Mozilla 1.1 license from your site, replace 'Netscape' with
my company, and 'Mozilla' with my product, and Netscape trademarks with
mine. No other changes were made. Then added a line under the title

This license is the Mozilla Public License 1.1 with references to
Netscape and their products replaced by NelSim Software and its

And put it on my website at

Is this the correct procedure?
Given this procedure, is this license automatically 'OSI certified'?

Dave Nelson
NelSim Software, Inc.
350 Elan Village Ln #305
San Jose Ca 95134
408 432-1370

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