Moral Rights (was Simplified Artistic License (A Proposed Compromise))

Russell Nelson nelson at
Mon Oct 7 13:49:59 UTC 2002

Bruce Dodson writes:
 > You misunderstood me, Larry.  I was not saying that YOU were trying to
 > discourage RSW from pursuing approval.  On the contrary I was surmising,
 > without putting words in your mouth, that you'd agree that this would be
 > unconscionable.
 > As for Russ and others, I don't have any opinion on what they said.  Too
 > much was said in private email for me to form an opinion.  I can only look
 > to the result, which was an RSW discouraged to the point where he was ready
 > to say "have a nice life" and walk away.

Here's the problem: Robert worked with the people on license-discuss
to fix the problems in his license.  He thought that, when they
stopped suggesting changes, that that meant that his license would be
approved.  The people on license-discuss are volunteers.  Their
contributions are valuable and valued.  Unfortunately, you can't beat
up volunteers to get them to contribute more.

I think that what Robert can get almost everything he wants from one
of the existing licenses.  One thing that he wants, which he is never
going to get from an existing license, is his name on the license.  Is 
not having your name on the license sufficient reason for us to
approve a redundant license?

In any case, I'm very suspicious of this term:
    - Use of any form whatsoever must retain the three automatically
    generated META tags for all HTML output; these tags indicate that the
    page was generated by eNetwizard and directs users to more information
    about the product.

We have turned down other licenses which have required as much.
Prohibiting changes to software is not something we're in the business 
of encouraging; much the opposite.

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