OpenE License

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Wed Feb 27 12:14:05 UTC 2002

> The license is identical the Apache Software License except that copyright
> is assigned to the OpenE Group, which is an entity of Blevins Technologies,
> Inc.  In the event other sponsors show interest in supporting our project or

Using wdiff, the statement is accurate.  

The statement about portions developed by UIUC still appears.  Is 
that the case with OpenE and should such statements really be part
of any license?

The Copyright which appears is 2000, which doesn't make sense to me.
(I dislike seeing copyrights on licenses anyway.  It implies that
someone modifying the license needs approval...which means that OpenE
needs approval from Apache group....Did they get it?  Does OpenE
want to be bothered when someone wants to take the OpenE license
and modify it?)

When this gets listed on, is there a way that
it can be clear that it is a simple variant of the Apache 1.1?  That
way someone selecting a license might not have to read so many
similar licenses.


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