Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Richard Stallman rms at
Sat Oct 23 16:10:31 UTC 1999

    Dammit, Richard, that's nonsense and you know it.  Linux is not
    what you envisioned 15 years ago.

The "Linux" system is basically the GNU system, which is the system we
started working for.  To be sure, the GNU system is not entirely as I
envisioned it 15 years ago: over time, plans change.

    All of the guts of the OS
    are contrary to the thing that the FSF has been working toward.

Most of the guts are exactly what we have been working toward; in
fact, most of the guts of this system come from the GNU Project.

    The kernel is an entirely different design from what the FSF is
    trying to accomplish.

Yes, it is a different kernel, but the kernel is just a part
of the guts of the system.

    You've created a bunch of tools -- sure, sure, vital ones, we
    know and nobody's denying it -- that can be compiled and used
    under just about any OS under the sun.

We did write a number of tools, but that is just a part of the
larger job we did: developing a free operating system.

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