Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Pete Schaeffer schaeff at
Fri Oct 22 07:43:23 UTC 1999

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Richard Stallman wrote:

>     Whether we agree that demanding renaming of software in order to
>     emphasize credit is justified is unclear to me. 
> The system's name has been GNU ever since we started it 15 years ago.
> I think it was uncool for people to rename it to "Linux",
> so I am suggesting "GNU/Linux" as a compromise.

Dammit, Richard, that's nonsense and you know it.  Linux is not
what you envisioned 15 years ago.  It's not what you worked
toward, not what you designed, not what you wanted and, most
important, it's not what you built!  All of the guts of the OS
are contrary to the thing that the FSF has been working toward.
The kernel is an entirely different design from what the FSF is
trying to accomplish.  Your persistence in trying to co-opt what
isn't yours, to grab credit for something you didn't do, is the
very height of bad manners.  

You've created a bunch of tools -- sure, sure, vital ones, we
know and nobody's denying it -- that can be compiled and used
under just about any OS under the sun.  What possible rationale
can you give for choosing Linux out of all of them and trying to
call it GNU?  

A sane rationale, I mean.  Not the tripe you've been yammering on
about for lo these too many years.  

Pete Schaeffer

Why oh why didn't I take the _blue_ pill?

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