Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Alejandro Forero Cuervo bachue at
Sat Oct 23 18:38:35 UTC 1999

    All of the guts of the OS are contrary to the thing that the FSF
    has been working toward.

When you go into the shell and you type `ls', you are using GNU utilities
to do the job. Granted, you may not consider them the `guts' of the OS,
but now consider...

When any program calls printf, fopen, pthread_create, malloc, inet_addr
and many other functions, the program is, more than likely, using code
coming from the GNU project. How far do you think the Linux kernel would
get with no implementation of printf? How many programs do you think
would run?

How many programs would build with no make, shell, textutils (ie cat),
shell utiles (ie cd, sleep, echo), sed or C/C++ compiler? In most
GNU/Linux distributions this utilities come from the GNU project.

Are things such as GNOME not part of the guts of the system (in those
workstations where XWindows is considered a standard part of the system
and programs depend of calls to, say, GTK)? Is the widget set not part
of the guts of the system?

I'd think it is clear that the guts of the system were written by the
GNU project over anyone else.


The mere formulation of a problem is far more essential than its solution.
      -- Albert Einstein.

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