[openip] Re: GNU License for Hardware

Angelo Schneider angelo.schneider at xcc.de
Thu Oct 21 21:15:40 UTC 1999

> If people have to pay per copy, then the program is not free software,
> and it is also not open source software.

I do not get that.

a) One uses my software to gain profit:
	he has to share his profit with me

b) One uses my source to derive work:
	he has to chare his work with mine

Both can get the source of my software for free, and can distribute 
it under the same terms they recieved it.

So GPL is not applicable.

But why is that not "open source" or "community source"?

Because it is not for free?

So far you failed to express what free realy means ... (in your view).

For me it will never be an option to work and to give my work away for 
nothing. (I did it often enough and allways got ripped off)

If you use my source, you have to contribute to it (so that I'm FREE
to use that contribution AS I LIKE!) As you may use you contribution

If you use my software and earn money with that use, you have to
money to my work.

Quite easy.

Each  NON PROFIT organization may use my software without fee and may
my source without fee as long as it contributes its modifications to

Each profit organization has to chare it's profit with me, on a per
on a per site or whatever base.

Both kinds of organizations have full access to the source, so whats the 

Both kinds of organizations should give me the right to re-use their 

Free means for me: you can get the source without additional charge.
You can even give away that source, it depend wat the new recipient 
does with it.


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