[openip] Re: GNU License for Hardware

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Wed Oct 20 01:05:36 UTC 1999

    > regards use of my code.  If you want to use my code, you have to let
    > me use yours.  Fair is fair.

    That will I do ... But not under the GPL :-) If you want to use my code
    you will have to accept my open source licence, 

In your previous message, you said you wanted to use a "community"
license which would limit people to noncommercial use.  That does NOT
fit the definition of "open source".

Most of the open source licenses are also free software licenses.
But the Sun Community Source License is neither an open source
license nor a free software license.

You said you dislike the GPL because it will not let you reuse our
code under such a non-free non-open-source "community" license.
I responded to what I thought you were saying.

If I did not understand you properly the first time, I am willing to
listen if you try again.  I have no wish to criticize you for a view
which is not what you believe.

    I know that. But how can I apply the GPL to release my software to be
    payed on an per copy base?

If people have to pay per copy, then the program is not free software,
and it is also not open source software.

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