YAOSL - Yet Another Open Source License

Alex Nicolaou anicolao at cgl.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Oct 15 06:36:20 UTC 1999

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Regarding the sending back of modifications, please read the APSL, IBM Public
> Source license, or the ATT license and use their text. The APSL is at
> http://publicsource.apple.com/ , I think.

Both the APSL and the IBM Jikes license require the modifications to be
released under the same terms as the software that the modifications
modify. I didn't want to require that. For that matter, I don't want to
require the contributions be returned at all, but offer it for those who
don't have the resources to publish their modifications personally.

Could you suggest what it is about my wording that's wrong, and I'll try
to fix it, or point me at specific sections of the cited licenses to
illustrate why their wording is better so that I have a clearer idea
which portion you want me to copy?


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