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Subject: AB 668
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Hello :

I represent  a group of renowned computer scientists that have pioneered
open source election systems.  Our election systems are currently deployed
in New Hampshire. NASA, the DOD and Air Force rely on open source software
for mission critical operations. We believe voting is critical

See attachment

Since 2004, we have advocated for transparent and secure - publicly owned -
election systems to replace the insecure vendor sold systems. These systems
are approximately 50 % of the cost of the vendor model


We are standing opposed to AB 668 as although it might help our efforts
toward better -open source - election systems, it will give 450 million
dollars toward the vendors with insecure over-priced systems for a locked
in period.  This will set horrible precedent for the United States and
result to exacerbate the on going national security crisis surrounding
elections and interference.

We find it incomprehensible that an elected leader in the United States
would push for funding of these systems deemed insecure by government
study. Their proprietary nature disqualifies them summarily.




We are available for further information.

Best regards,

Brent Turner


California Association of Voting Officials.


650-726-1133 <(650)%20726-1133>
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