[License-review] 回复: For Approval: MulanOWL BY v1; MulanOWL BY-SA v1; MulanOWL BY-PL v1; MulanOWL BY-PL-SA v1

卢遥 yaolu.nudt at qq.com
Tue Mar 7 13:33:07 UTC 2023

Dear Josh,

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments!

We are, I believe, witnessing that the idea and production mode of open source have been extended to non-software domain. We do expect that OSI, as the leading open-source organization in the world, can continue this trend and become the leading ’open content‘ organization in the world. It may refer to the organizational policy changes, but it may be valuable and worthwhile, just as OSI has approved open font and open hardware licenses, and I believe OSI will continue receiving non-software licenses for approval in future. Since CC licenses contain '-ND' licenses, they do not fully meet the idea and definition of 'open source', 'open content', or 'open works'. In this sense, the CC organization may not be an open content organization.

The differences between Mulan OWLs v1 and CC licenses are summarized below. The major difference is that Mulan OWLs v1 contain licenses that include terms of granting license of patent covered by the copyrighted portion of the open works (MulanOWL BY-PL v1 and MulanOWL BY-PL-SA v1), which meets users' requirements and can make significant influences, e.g., the cases of Tesla, Medtronic, and the Open COVID License described in the previous message.
1) Mulan OWLs v1 are applicable for open works and thus allow adapted works;
2) Mulan OWLs v1 include two licenses that grant patent license (MulanOWL BY-PL v1 and MulanOWL BY-PL-SA v1);
3) Mulan OWLs v1 provide conventions of attribution for multiversion works, which facilitates the use and retrieval of works that are frequently modified, such as crowdsourced works;

Best regards,
Yao Lu

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On 2/10/23 01:23, 卢遥 via License-review wrote:
> I would like to submit Mulan Open Works Licenses, Version 1 (Mulan OWLs 
> v1) for approval.

Thanks for submitting these!  OSI has not previously approved content 
licenses.  You'll note that, for example, the Creative Commons licenses 
are not certified by the OSI.  That doesn't mean that we might not do it 
in the future, just that it would be an organizational policy change and 
therefore not a routine license approval.

For my sake, and for the record, can you explain what the Mulan OWL 
licenses offer that's not covered by Creative Commons licenses?  Are 
they just more compatible with Chinese law, or is there something else 
as well?

Josh Berkus

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