[License-review] CC0 incompliant with OSD on patents, [was: MXM compared to CC0 ]

Tzeng, Nigel H. Nigel.Tzeng at jhuapl.edu
Mon Mar 12 14:10:37 UTC 2012


My comment was that these other open organizations, for various reasons,
has chosen to explicitly not provide patent grants.  Given that their
goals are not diametrically opposed nor completely orthogonal to open
source software I wanted these reasons explicitly addressed as opposed to
simply handwaved as "we're ALL agreed...".


On 3/8/12 11:05 PM, "Russ Nelson" <nelson at crynwr.com> wrote:

>Tzeng, Nigel H. writes:
> > On 3/7/12 8:41 PM, "Russ Nelson" <nelson at crynwr.com> wrote:
> > >(I think we're ALL agreed that patents
> > >which are not freely licensed -- at least for open source software --
> > >are not compatible with open source software, right?)
>My parenthetical remark should have been predictable as a mistake. I
>should have left it for the patent policy committee to resolve. Sorry,
>my bad.
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