For Approval: SSCL

Tzeng, Nigel H. Nigel.Tzeng at
Wed Sep 8 14:24:03 UTC 2010

Hit send before I finished my thought.

Perhaps that could be amended to "interoperates with any other OSI approved
license that reciprocates interoperability" to address his concern that if
taken into a GPL project that he cannot use those modifications in his own

A GPL project could include a similar Open Source Exception much like how a
Classpath exception is implemented and be able to use code under this
license.  That probably works for MPL as well and would allow all open
source projects to interoperate.

On 9/8/10 10:09 AM, "H Nigel" <Nigel.Tzeng at> wrote:

> I like Patrice-Emmanuel's comment regarding interoperability with other OSI
> approved licenses.
> On 9/8/10 9:59 AM, "Russ Nelson" <nelson at> wrote:
>> Gregor, I really REALLY appreciate your enthusiasm, and desire for a
>> succinct copyleft license.  But all those words and sentences and
>> paragraphs in the GPL are there for a REASON.  I strongly encourage
>> you to read the GPL, and reverse-engineer the wording to see what
>> problem is being solved.  Then go and see if the SSCL actually solves
>> that problem unambiguously.  Not in your mind, but in the mind of a
>> hostile reader.
>> Legal agreements are made between friends, and interpreted by
>> enemies.  You only need a license when the other guy has turned into
>> an asshole.
>> I read through your submission email, and I don't see a description of
>> your objection to the GPL, other than a philosophical objection to its
>> length and complexity and that it doesn't cause compatibility problems
>> (and yet it does, since the GPL requires you to license all derived
>> works under the GPL, so this license is incompatible with the GPL).
>> The GPL is fairly well understood at this point, so that's not a good
>> reason to try to reinvent it.
>> We have a board meeting today.  I'll mention the SSCL, and say that
>> it's still under discussion.
>> Gregor Pintar writes:
>>> 2010/7/2, Bruce Perens <bruce at>:
>>>> Nothing in your text, as presently stated, would reliably prevent
>>>> someone from combining the work with a GPL work and treating the whole
>>>> as if it was under the GPL. Unfortunately, you don't get that _and_
>>>> simplicity both. You'd have to put in more text about combining works,
>>>> the entire work being under this license, no additional restrictions, etc.
>>> However, it won't be approved.
>>> Fixed licence:
>>> Copyright (c) years, Company or Person's Name <E-mail address>
>>> Permission is hereby granted to use, copy, modify and/or distribute
>>> this source code and binary programs derived from this source code
>>> provided that the following conditions are met:
>>> - Redistributions of this source code must retain this licence text
>>>   and all copyright notices without alteration.
>>> - Redistributions of binary programs which is derived from this source code
>>> must
>>>   reproduce this licence text and all copyright notices in the
>>> documentation,
>>>   which must be distributed with binary programs.
>>> - If the binary program is derived from a modified version of this source
>>> code,
>>>   you must to publicly release the modified version of this source code
>>>   under this license.
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