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Wed Sep 8 14:38:21 UTC 2010

Il 08/09/2010 16:24, Tzeng, Nigel H. ha scritto:
> Hit send before I finished my thought.
> Perhaps that could be amended to "interoperates with any other OSI approved
> license that reciprocates interoperability" to address his concern that if
> taken into a GPL project that he cannot use those modifications in his own
> project.  

I find this concept quite nonsensical. Reciprocal "licensing
interoperability" is unworkable for strong copyleft licenses, or to make
it work one should inevitably dilute the requirements of one or either
licenses. One way "interoperability" (as in the EUPL or in the "or any
other version" clause of the *GPL) can work. This is however not a
solution to license proliferation.

I very much agree with Russ's comments on all other accounts.

> A GPL project could include a similar Open Source Exception much like how a
> Classpath exception is implemented and be able to use code under this
> license.  That probably works for MPL as well and would allow all open
> source projects to interoperate.

Again, this assumes that one project is at liberty to abdicate to some
of the provision of the license, which is true in a negligible share of
the cases.

With best regards,


> On 9/8/10 10:09 AM, "H Nigel" <Nigel.Tzeng at> wrote:
>> I like Patrice-Emmanuel's comment regarding interoperability with other OSI
>> approved licenses.
>> On 9/8/10 9:59 AM, "Russ Nelson" <nelson at> wrote:
>>> Gregor, I really REALLY appreciate your enthusiasm, and desire for a
>>> succinct copyleft license.  But all those words and sentences and
>>> paragraphs in the GPL are there for a REASON.  I strongly encourage
>>> you to read the GPL, and reverse-engineer the wording to see what
>>> problem is being solved.  Then go and see if the SSCL actually solves
>>> that problem unambiguously.  Not in your mind, but in the mind of a
>>> hostile reader.
>>> Legal agreements are made between friends, and interpreted by
>>> enemies.  You only need a license when the other guy has turned into
>>> an asshole.
>>> I read through your submission email, and I don't see a description of
>>> your objection to the GPL, other than a philosophical objection to its
>>> length and complexity and that it doesn't cause compatibility problems
>>> (and yet it does, since the GPL requires you to license all derived
>>> works under the GPL, so this license is incompatible with the GPL).
>>> The GPL is fairly well understood at this point, so that's not a good
>>> reason to try to reinvent it.
>>> We have a board meeting today.  I'll mention the SSCL, and say that
>>> it's still under discussion.
>>> Gregor Pintar writes:
>>>> 2010/7/2, Bruce Perens <bruce at>:
>>>>> Nothing in your text, as presently stated, would reliably prevent
>>>>> someone from combining the work with a GPL work and treating the whole
>>>>> as if it was under the GPL. Unfortunately, you don't get that _and_
>>>>> simplicity both. You'd have to put in more text about combining works,
>>>>> the entire work being under this license, no additional restrictions, etc.
>>>> However, it won't be approved.
>>>> Fixed licence:
>>>> Copyright (c) years, Company or Person's Name <E-mail address>
>>>> Permission is hereby granted to use, copy, modify and/or distribute
>>>> this source code and binary programs derived from this source code
>>>> provided that the following conditions are met:
>>>> - Redistributions of this source code must retain this licence text
>>>>   and all copyright notices without alteration.
>>>> - Redistributions of binary programs which is derived from this source code
>>>> must
>>>>   reproduce this licence text and all copyright notices in the
>>>> documentation,
>>>>   which must be distributed with binary programs.
>>>> - If the binary program is derived from a modified version of this source
>>>> code,
>>>>   you must to publicly release the modified version of this source code
>>>>   under this license.
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