[License-discuss] public domain recognition

johann Sorel sorel.johann at inbox.com
Fri May 3 09:10:25 UTC 2013


I'm searching for the best course of action to develop a project in 'public domain'.
I've read the FAQ and different threads on PD and CC0 in the archive. Basicaly the OSI do not recommand using PD/CCO. So ... I don't care, since it's the right choice for my objective.

My concern is on contributors, the codebase of the projet has just gone over 30.000 code lines and is growing at a good rate. (for those interested : https://bitbucket.org/Eclesia/un/wiki/Home )

I am collecting all the public domain resources I can find in addition to what I write myself. Recently rather then just picking code from other PD resources I started to send mails to developers who would likely agree to move there code/tutorial/resources in public domain. So far a minority agree (but all gave me their support).

One of them accepted and I am about to integrated more then ten thousand code lines in the coming weeks, it's the biggest constribution so far so I would like to do this correctly and reduce possible legal problems.I keep a precious copies of all mails but I would like do know what documents I should ask the donor to be on the safe side.

There is no real 'contributor aggrement' since PD is not a license, more something like a 'gift' so what should be a reasonable document ? mail ? signed letter ?


Johann Sorel

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