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Fri May 3 12:10:02 UTC 2013

I am not in the usa but in Europe, public domain is not yet really 'legal' like you said.
Yet there are so much initiatives using one of CCO/PD/BOLA/WTFPL that
public domain is a 'De Facto'. The only people who have problems with it are governments and lawyer
they will have to accept it eventually.

As I said I'm not searching for an alternative to PD, but to find out what kind of document I could ask
contributors to make it be more 'legal'.



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> johann Sorel wrote:
>> I'm searching for the best course of action to develop a project in
>> 'public domain'.
>> I've read the FAQ and different threads on PD and CC0 in the archive.
>> Basicaly the OSI do not recommand using PD/CCO. So ... I don't care,
>> since it's the right choice for my objective.
> The best way is to work for the US government.  Even then, the work may
> still be copyright work outside the USA.  I believe it debatable as to
> whether an ordinary person can put something into the public domain,
> other than by dying and waiting for 70 years, in the USA, and it is
> almost certain that they can't do so in Europe.
> There are no international conventions on public domain, so a public
> domain declaration in one country may not have any effect in another,
> whereas a copyright one would.
> You would be much better advised to use a short licence that gave
> permission to do almost anything under your copyright rights.
> Even in the USA, I think it has been suggested that public domain
> dedications don't absolve you of responsibility for consequential
> damages, so retaining copyright and attempting to disclaim warranty is
> generally considered safer.
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