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Wed May 4 07:22:51 UTC 2011

Dale wrote:
> thanks a lot for replying
> is there any information on the web on the difference between 
> Distribution Fees and Licensing Fees, so I can educate myself?

Licensing Fees are fees for permission to do something with the 
software.  Distribution fees are fees for physically transferring a copy 
of the software to you (postage, media, machine time used in making the 
copy, etc.).

In the USA, I believe, once you have a physical copy of software, 
provided by someone with the legal right to give it to you, and provided 
you have not entered a contract to the contrary, you have the right, 
under copyright law, to run that software.  That means that licensing is 
not necessary to simply run software in the USA.

The shrink wrap contracts on commercial software are intended to negate 

In the UK, you need a licence to install and run the software, as well.

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