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Wed May 4 08:04:50 UTC 2011

David Woolley wrote:
> Dale wrote:
>> thanks a lot for replying
>> is there any information on the web on the difference between 
>> Distribution Fees and Licensing Fees, so I can educate myself?
> Licensing Fees are fees for permission to do something with the 
> software.  Distribution fees are fees for physically transferring a copy 
> of the software to you (postage, media, machine time used in making the 
> copy, etc.).

Note for clarity, distribution fees are only payable to the person doing 
the distributing.  A requirement to charge them downstream and make a 
portion payable to the original distributor would create a licence fee 
payable by the redistributor.  No open source licence would require the 
charging of downstream distribution fees, and I don't think any copyleft 
open source licence would permit a requirement to pay a proportion upstream.

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