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very clear and comprehensive answer.thanks very much

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> Dale said on Fri, Jun 03, 2011 at 12:41:40PM +0300,:
>  >    I am the owner/creator of the GPL code not of the closed source
>  >    dll.does it make a difference?
> Was I ambiguous?
> If so, let me clarify that I am talking only from the POV of GPL'ed
> code only.
> If the question is whether GPL allows GPL'ed code to use functionality
> provided by libraries under other licenses, the answer is, (a) yes it
> does and (b) GPL does not fetter a user's freedom to use the GPL'ed
> code any manner he likes - that includes depending on non-free libraries.
> Please note that FSF's answer to "Can I write free sfotware that uses
> non-free libraries" and "What legal issues come UP if I use GPL
> incompatible lbiraries with GPL software?"
> are mostly technical; not legal. If you read clearly, the text says
> "please do not do it - write a GPL compatible, free software library".
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