GPL and closed source

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Dale said on Fri, Jun 03, 2011 at 12:41:40PM +0300,:

 >    I am the owner/creator of the GPL code not of the closed source
 >    dll.does it make a difference?

Was I ambiguous? 

If so, let me clarify that I am talking only from the POV of GPL'ed
code only.

If the question is whether GPL allows GPL'ed code to use functionality
provided by libraries under other licenses, the answer is, (a) yes it
does and (b) GPL does not fetter a user's freedom to use the GPL'ed
code any manner he likes - that includes depending on non-free libraries. 

Please note that FSF's answer to "Can I write free sfotware that uses
non-free libraries" and "What legal issues come UP if I use GPL
incompatible lbiraries with GPL software?"

are mostly technical; not legal. If you read clearly, the text says
"please do not do it - write a GPL compatible, free software library".

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