change cakephp MIT license to GPL?

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Sat Oct 25 20:59:18 UTC 2008

Hi there,

IANAL (I am not a lawyer) but in my understanding you can publish your
entire code under X11 (also known as MIT) or GNU General Public License
(GPL), whichever you think fits your needs best.

Since CakePHP is licensed under the X11 license, this doesn't narrow your
choices. The X11 license allows you to use the code in any project, under
the FOSS license of your choice or prioriatairy.

You explain that you are using code that is licensed under the GNU Lesser
General Public License (LGPL), if you use it "as a library" this doesn't
narrow your choices either. For more information on that "use as a library"
part, see the Free Software Foundation website, as well as the wikipedia
page on the LGPL and the LGPL itself. I'll assume your use is allowed by the

So legally I think you can use the X11 license, the GPL or any other FOSS
license you want. The choice is yours, this might just make things harder
and I'll try to assist.

You said you are in some way obligated to use a FOSS license. If you have to
go open source but you don't want other non-free projects to take advantage
of your code, the GPL is the most obvious choice. Please think this through.
John Cowan asked this previously on this mailinglist: "[...] do you want to
share your
code with others who will cooperate with you, or do you want to give your
code to anyone who wants to use it?", and I think the anwser to this
question it the most crucial piece of information when choosing a license.
The GPL allows only other open source (more accurate: GPL licensed) projects
to take advantage of your code; while the X11 license pretty much allows
anybody to use it.

If you choose to use the GPL all you have to do is follow the instructions
given on the Free Software Foundation website. I believe you do not have to
change any X11 or LGPL license blocks (if present), all pieces of code can
keep their own license as long as all code can be used under the terms of
the GPL.

If you choose to use the X11 license you can just put a textfile in your
directory that explains that your code can be used under the terms of this
license. Please also state that portions of the code (not your code) is
LGPL, since a (potential) co-developers should know about this.

I really hope I helped, and again this is not legal advice.

Pimm Hogeling.

2008/10/23 pepejose <dynamix66 at>

> hello
> I opened this post because I am making an application that I have to
> release
> as open source (I'm not forced to use a specific license)
> My situation is as follows:
> ** Cakephp 1.2 RC3 -> MIT
> ** My code (views, controllers, models etc) -> GPL?
> ** Some code with LGPL (tcpdf, for example TinyMCE)
> then, which is the best way to publish the application in one package?
> diferent licenses?
> On the one hand I read that MIT, GPL and LGPL are compatible but on the
> other that if I use GPL code in part forces me to use GPL code in all code
> ... on the other side as section 3 of the LGPL can convert to LPG but i
> dont
> know not changes that I have to do exactly
> greetings and thank you very much
> PD: forgiveness for my English
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