change cakephp MIT license to GPL?

pepejose dynamix66 at
Thu Oct 23 13:49:47 UTC 2008


I opened this post because I am making an application that I have to release
as open source (I'm not forced to use a specific license)

My situation is as follows:

** Cakephp 1.2 RC3 -> MIT
** My code (views, controllers, models etc) -> GPL?
** Some code with LGPL (tcpdf, for example TinyMCE)

then, which is the best way to publish the application in one package?

diferent licenses?

On the one hand I read that MIT, GPL and LGPL are compatible but on the
other that if I use GPL code in part forces me to use GPL code in all code
... on the other side as section 3 of the LGPL can convert to LPG but i dont
know not changes that I have to do exactly

greetings and thank you very much

PD: forgiveness for my English 
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