DRAFT FAQ: Free vs. Open

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Fri Jan 11 21:18:29 UTC 2008

Lawrence Rosen scripsit:

> I don't worship in Eben's cathedral, even as to the implications of the word
> "deeming". I'll take deeming to court most days, especially when we don't
> know precisely what X or Y actually are, and even [as we've seen here in
> recent days] the acolytes of the various cardinals don't know what the words
> really mean. :-)

I can only say that I find your attitude bazaar.

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Promises become binding when there is a meeting of the minds and consideration
is exchanged. So it was at King's Bench in common law England; so it was
under the common law in the American colonies; so it was through more than
two centuries of jurisprudence in this country; and so it is today.
       --Specht v. Netscape

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