Code of Conduct for OSI Mailing Lists

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Wed Jan 2 06:22:55 UTC 2008

>Russ Nelson writes:

>Russ Nelson writes:
 >> The problem, Chris, is that you are a frigging idiot.  I have put up
 >> with your nonsense and uselessness lo these many months simply because
 >> you haven't gone over the edge into stupidity.  You just have.

>I must apologize to Chris, as I have engendered a fallacy.  I have
>called him an idiot, whereas I should have said that his postings were
>idiotic, useless, pointless, and a complete waste of everyone's time.

What you deserve is a reprimand, probation or removal based on OSI mailing list code of conduct for failing the civility criteria.  That was one weak apology.  I don't know who Chris is, nor do I really care, but slamming him a second time in an "apology" really takes the cake. 

How about owning up to your mistake and unbanning him rather than crowing about the "blessed silence"?

> But I should also note that, while Chris remains blocked, this is my
> own personal action, and is not the result of an official OSI board
> action.  For the most part, OSI doesn't interfere with my operation of
> their mailing lists.  I hope that will continue.

Given that you admit he hasn't been given a reprimand or probation prior to removal for not glaringly violating the code of conduct (but managing to do so spectacularly yourself) perhaps the OSI should review how the mailing list is run.
Unfortunately, I make that suggestion rather weakly given that I'm am unable to also volunteer at the same time but I now wonder why the OSI even bothered with a mailing list code of conduct.  Did you even read the thing?
>"Compel" is such an ugly word.  While governments may have a monopoly
>on legitimate violence, violence is not the only way to change
>people's behavior.  The one way is to persuade them.  
The other way is to just ban them without warning when they annoy you because you have the power to do so and they are powerless to stop you.
And a Happy New Year to you too buddy...what a wonderfully non-violent way to spread the holiday cheer.
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