Microsoft use of the term "Open Source"

Russ Nelson nelson at
Wed Jan 2 05:01:43 UTC 2008

Russ Nelson writes:
 > The problem, Chris, is that you are a frigging idiot.  I have put up
 > with your nonsense and uselessness lo these many months simply because
 > you haven't gone over the edge into stupidity.  You just have.

I must apologize to Chris, as I have engendered a fallacy.  I have
called him an idiot, whereas I should have said that his postings were
idiotic, useless, pointless, and a complete waste of everyone's time.
I let his postings go on and on and on for way too long a period of
extended time after time at length.  I had thought that, well, as an
organization trying to be more democratic and accepting of public
opinion, I shouldn't be shutting people up.

I was wrong.  On the other hand, I corrected that mistake with another
mistake -- by violating the standards of behavior of my religious
Society.  I should have contacted him privately so that we might
struggle together to help him moderate his posting behavior to be less

Two wrongs don't make a right.  But on the bright side, Chris is gone!
Say "Yay" into the blessed silence.

 > Plonk.  And I speak as the OSI postmaster when I say that.

But I should also note that, while Chris remains blocked, this is my
own personal action, and is not the result of an official OSI board
action.  For the most part, OSI doesn't interfere with my operation of
their mailing lists.  I hope that will continue.

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