OSI enforcement? (Was Re: Microsoft use of the term "Open Source")

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Sat Jan 5 18:46:32 UTC 2008

Grayg Ralphsnyder wrote:
> I agree with Philippe.
> An 'OSI Inside' logo would make it easier for both the end-user and the
> developer select software for use and for redevelopment.  The developer
> that wants to make 'OSI open source' software would be assured that the
> source code they are using is 'good to go' from the start and not have
> to try to deal with a mess later on if it turns out that it was not.
> grayg

There is definitely such a logo.  It's called OSI-Certified  See
http://opensource.org/trademark .
is an example of the actual logo.

Matt Flaschen

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