Philippe Verdy verdy_p at
Sun Jan 28 06:30:47 UTC 2007

From: Eric Renaud 
> I'd rather not receive the monthly "If you're an idiot, here's how to change your subscription . . ." emails.

I would not like to receive such email using such offensive words too...

But a single small monthly reminder is not a severe "harassing" as you said. Almost all mailing lists have feature, and running a mailing list without it is something bad.

Those that want to stop receiving the listhave to right to cancel their subscription but if there's no reminder,they may have completely forgotten how or where they subscribed.

There are smart mailing list admins that just honor such request by replying to the requester with the personalized link that (s)he can use to unsubscribe, and there's absolutely no need to be offensive becauseof such request which is not offensive.

Remember that this list sends a significant volume of conversations from many people that often don't have any interest for the recipient. And these emails are far more voluminous than a simple subscription reminder. if you are not prepared to receive such reminder, then you are not prepared to receive all those many conversations from the mailing list as well.

I must have about adozen of active subscriptions to voluminous mailing lists (plus many subscriptions to very small volume notification mailing lists), and all of them, except this one, are sending reminders. This is an acknowledged good practice for mailing list runners and a full part of their antispam policy. This regular reminder is a necessity for every mailing list that sends a large volume, especially this one that rarely refer to the origin website from which the subscription was initially performed.

So learn to respect subscribers, and do not insult them: direct insults to subscribers are against ALL rules of the netiquette (BCP #1, I can't remember the RFC number).

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