Eric Renaud Eric.Renaud at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 28 03:52:44 UTC 2007

I'd rather not receive the monthly "If you're an idiot, here's how to 
change your subscription . . ." emails.

Frankly, if you're bright enough to get on this list, you should be 
bright enough to get off of it without
harassing Russ (or the rest of the subscribers).

Philippe Verdy wrote:
> From: "Russ Nelson" <nelson at>
>> You get off the mailing list by unsubscribing from it; not by posting
>> your request so that EVERYONE can see what a Big Fat Idiot you are
>> (we're taking notes and naming names).
> We're getting note about how polite you can be.
> There's a cause for such requests: the mailing list does not send a small monthly reminder about our current subscription options, and how to cancel the subscription, with a simple, preformated URL with out own email address filled in.
> Thanks for not insulting people.
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