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Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Mon Feb 19 03:12:55 UTC 2007

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller wrote:
>>>> people -- and dude Ross Turk also said -- that we think
>>>> the membership criterion should be that a company's main products or
>>>> services are open source, and when we say "open source," we mean open
>>>> source as defined by OSI.
>>> That's doubly ironic, since SourceForge doesn't seem to have any real
>>> open source products.
> Agreed re the irony - some people inside the company (including me)
> believe the SourceForge code should be open source, and that there's no
> business reason to keep it proprietary. We're working for change, and if
> this imbroglio helps us get the point across to our upper management,
> GREAT! :)

Great if you can change it. :)

> OTOH, you've got to admit that does a lot *for* open source.

True, but nothing that couldn't be done by GForge or Savannah.

> At this very moment I'm editing a short video of a guy named Brian
> Bale-something from some company called Clubnet or some such that goes
> into some of the decisions made in the early stages of this OSA thing.
> Said video will be in my LWOSS (the official name is now "LinuxWorld
> Open Source Summit") wrapup that ought to be on Monday,
> Tuesday at worst. Delay is because I had a major attack of gout from
> walking around in New York ice and snow combined with more red meat in
> diet than usual (at show). Just about recovered now, still a little
> woozy from the drugs but (sort of) functional, a few days behind on
> work, trying to catch up...

Hope you feel better soon.  Looking forward to the video and writeup.

Matthew Flaschen

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