Introducing Open Solutions Alliance

Chris DiBona cdibona at
Mon Feb 19 04:23:29 UTC 2007

> >
> > OTOH, you've got to admit that does a lot *for* open source.
> True, but nothing that couldn't be done by GForge or Savannah.

Okay, that's where you are totally wrong.

Gforge: Doesn't offer project hosting, but project hosting software.
Savannah: Doesn't offer non-gpl hosting and is not reliable and has  history
of unreliability.
Google: Doesn't host other than the core 7 or so licences (I should know)
(It is teh awesome though)

Nothing personal, but let's be real here, does a -lot- for open
source software. Doesn't mean that this OSA things means anything.


Hope you feel better soon.  Looking forward to the video and writeup.
> Matthew Flaschen

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