Introducing Open Solutions Alliance

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller robin at
Sun Feb 18 23:43:43 UTC 2007

>>> people -- and dude Ross Turk also said -- that we think
>>> the membership criterion should be that a company's main products or
>>> services are open source, and when we say "open source," we mean open
>>> source as defined by OSI.
>> That's doubly ironic, since SourceForge doesn't seem to have any real
>> open source products.

Agreed re the irony - some people inside the company (including me) 
believe the SourceForge code should be open source, and that there's no 
business reason to keep it proprietary. We're working for change, and if 
this imbroglio helps us get the point across to our upper management, 

OTOH, you've got to admit that does a lot *for* open source.

At this very moment I'm editing a short video of a guy named Brian 
Bale-something from some company called Clubnet or some such that goes 
into some of the decisions made in the early stages of this OSA thing.

Said video will be in my LWOSS (the official name is now "LinuxWorld 
Open Source Summit") wrapup that ought to be on Monday, 
Tuesday at worst. Delay is because I had a major attack of gout from 
walking around in New York ice and snow combined with more red meat in 
diet than usual (at show). Just about recovered now, still a little 
woozy from the drugs but (sort of) functional, a few days behind on 
work, trying to catch up...

- Robin

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