Concerns relating to the FSF and Future Licenses

Rick Moen rick at
Sun Aug 19 02:48:23 UTC 2007

Quoting Chris Travers (chris at

> For the record, this discussion came about because of questions as to 
> whether similar concerns should be considerd wrt Microsoft.

Chris di Bona did not seriously suggest anything of the sort.  He merely 
posed a pointed question or two, to any Microsoft Corporation
representatives as to why OSI should assist them, given numerous
substantive hostile actions.  The substantive nature, and the hostile
character, of those actions are far past dispute, which is in both areas
is considerably more than can be said of your irrelevant and fluffy
gossip-mongering with which you initially claimed you wished to waste
our time.

And you _still_ need to look up "tu quoque".

> I would note that many people including Rick Moen and Chris Dibona
> have either asked me to back up what I have said on other threads or
> offered to discuss it.

I would note, since you mention that, that you evaded my question, both
here and in private mail.

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